INTERVIEW – Charlotte Jane Chats About Single ‘Get It Right’ and More!

Late last year, the amazing songstress Charlotte Jane released her single “Get It Right.” The soothing track can now be streamed on all major streaming platforms.

Alongside the release, Charlotte also dropped an emotional and raw music video which bought the single to life. It was directed by Manchester based, short-film director Charlie Watt – who was able to successfully capture the true beauty and meaning behind the song. The video can be found below;

Charlotte’s debut EP “Nowhere To Hide” – which was released back in 2019 – showed the world what she was made of and made her one of the UK’s brightest new voices. She continues to grow as an artist and shows no sign of stopping as she anticipates another whirlwind year.

Here is what she had to say when we spoke to her about “Get It Right,” performing live, and what she has planned for 2021!;

Hiya Charlotte! Thank you so much for answering our questions.

Hey! Thanks so much for having me. 

Let’s start by talking about your new single “Get It Right.” What can you tell us about it? How did it come about?

I actually wrote get it right two years ago. It was born out of frustration I was feeling towards a guy who was stringing me along. Writing this song was me marking the light bulb moment where I realised it was a vicious cycle that I needed to get out of and I think it’s also me reminding myself to trust my gut feeling on people. 

You’ve not long released the music video for the track. What’s the story behind that?

I love the music video so much, I’m so proud of it. The song is very reflective and the video plays on that in an abstract way. You gradually see me and my reflection becoming less and less in sync with one another to show me leaving the past in the mirror and moving on with my life. It was filmed in the North, with a team of a load of northerners so it really felt like home. Another cool thing was filming a scene in Salford Lads Club which is an iconic location for anyone who’s a fan of The Smiths!

The song was co-written with Dayyon Alexander and Jeff Shum – who have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry! How did that come about? What was it like working with them?

They’re the dreamteam! They really understand me as a writer and an artist. We have another song together that I’ll be releasing next year and Dayyon has actually Executive Produced the project that I’m working on. I’m so grateful that I got introduced to them. Get it Right is the song we wrote on the day we met, so we definitely got off to a great start! 

We want to know what your story is. How did you know you wanted to be a singer? When did this moment happen? Share your journey so far with us!

I knew SO early on I wanted to perform. I sang, wrote songs and danced as a child. I grew up watching my Grandparents doing gigs and from the age of 3 I was getting up on stage with them (uninvited) so I must have been drawn to the stage and the music. I was pretty certain that I wanted to be a singer from the age of 5 or 6 I think. You’ve already achieved a lot in your career already.

What is the one, biggest achievement you wish to obtain in the future? Why would that be so important to you?

I want to sell out a huge world tour. Live shows are the most important thing for me and the strongest signifier of success for me, personally. 

What advice would you give to a young, female artist trying to find their place in the music industry?

Don’t let people rush you, your age and/or gender doesn’t make your ideas any less valid than those of the people around you, trust your gut instincts and surround yourself with good people.

You have performed your fair share of shows including Reading and Leeds festival – which is amazing! Obviously, with everything going on in the world right now, that hasn’t been something you’ve been able to do this year. What do you miss most about it?

Meeting people and seeing people’s reactions to my new songs. That’s always been the way I’d test new material. A lot of the stuff I’m going to put out next year has never been road tested which scares me quite a bit! I also massively miss travelling around for shows with my gorgeous team. I haven’t seen my live crew for AGES and it hurts my soul. 

If you could perform at any festival in the world, which one would it be? Who would be on the line-up with you?

Glastonbury. No hesitation. Coldplay, Bon Iver, Lizzie, Rihanna and Taylor Swift (performing her album Folklore on repeat) would be headlining. I’d like to see Phoebe Bridgers, Lianne La Havas and Jordan Mackampa on there as well. 

What is the one question you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? Please do answer the question you come up with!

If the world was ending tomorrow what would your final meal on earth be?
A buffet. A mountain of hummus, potatoes cooked every way possible (fries, curly fries, waffles, hasselback, roast, wedges, jacket), blueberries, roasted cauliflower and sweet potato, avocado on toast and gambas Pil Pil with crispy, freshly baked bread. I’m going to stop myself there but, wow, I love food. 

Finally, can you tell us any future plans you have in 2021?

To release looooaaaadss of music and hopefully get back on the road once Miss. Rona allows it. 

Charlotte Jane is certainly one to keep your eye on as she has one of the most enchanting voices that you will hear. With new music planning on being released, she’s a singer that you just have to give a follow and show some support. You can keep up to date via her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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