TONYB. Releases ‘You Know What This Was’

TONYB. has released new song ‘You Knew What This Was’, you can listen to it on Spotify!

With over 350,000 streams on Spotify, TONYB. has already had his music added to popular playlists such as ‘Fresh Finds’ and ‘R&B Fresh Finds’. Pulling from his own experiences and influences from the R&B scene of the late 90s and early 2000s, TONYB. has blessed our ears with the new single.

‘You Knew What This Was’ is based on a ‘situationship’, when the lines are blurred between a friendship and relationship. The song is upbeat and will have your head nodding along from the beginning. The powerful vocals, heart felt song lyrics and cleverly produced backing track will have this added to your playlist before you’ve reached the second verse. There’s an old school feel to the overall ambience of the song, a sound that’s enjoyed by all yet rare to hear these days.

Often with these circumstances, one party can look a bit deeper into the situation whole the other finds the arrangement a but more casual. The track mentions how loneliness can result in this tricky agreement. Sometimes, you, can forget what was agreed when things began, and spiral into a world of feelings you promised you would never experience. This can, be an incredibly confusing and frustrating situation for both, and it is difficult to go back to a friendship after this. When discussing the lyrics, he said:

“This comes from the particular perspective of: I made my intentions clear, but you ignored them, so you knew what this was.”

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