a girl named jaen Releases Her New Single ‘We Are the Chorus’

a girl named jaen – also known as agnj – has just dropped her latest single “We Are The Chorus.” The single is now available to stream on Spotify!

The Californian songstress was inspired by the movements from the past, and especially the present. “We Are The Chorus” is all about how we, as people, should demand change in the world. The track works as a battle cry. It’s empowering, inspiring, and motivating. After hearing this song, you’ll want to walk stright out of your front door and march the streets, willing people to listen to what you have to say.

When speaking about the song, a girl named jaen says;

“ I want this to inspire others the way I’ve been inspired, to get out there where you can, to never give up the fight for causes that we feel passionate about and to realize that our voice matters and collectively is so powerful!”

“We Are The Chorus” was produced by produced by Dennis Coronel and co-produced by agnj herself. It certainly grabs the listeners attention whilst still maintaining those catchy beats. It’s a bop and an inspiring piece of artwork at the same time, what more could you possibly ask for in a song?

a girl named jaen is a musician you just have to get behind. She uses her platform and talents to inspire others, and encourages her listeners to do what’s right. Not many artists are brave enough to do this, and maybe they can make a big difference if they did. For further updates and what else she has up her sleeve, be sure to follow her on Twitter!

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