JAYDREAM Drops Single ‘In2Luv’

London-based artist Jaydream has recently released her debut single “In2Luv” – which is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

The nostalgia that you will feel upon hearing this track is truly something. Taking it back to the classic 90s R&B vibes, and modernising it to fit into the present day is a somewhat genius move! “In2Luv” was mastered by Brit Award Winner Stuart Hawkes. It’s a love song about two individuals who are into each other, but are playing hard to get. To keep the love alive, you need to stay present in real life, and not keep it strictly online.

Jaydream’s flawless vocals will put you in the most relaxed state of mind. Her low and sultry tones will have you instantly hooked. “In2Luv” is the perfect track for those 90s kids who grew up listening to the likes of Destiny’s Child and Jojo. But will also attract the younger audiences who grew-up with Rihanna. Looking for a new empowering female artist to listen to? Well, look no further because Jaydream is ready to take over the world.

So far, “In2Luv” has been played on international radio, Reprezent fm, no signal radio, pulse 88 fm and we have also started charting in the Nigerian top 100 iTunes chart. For a debut single, it has already recieved an overwhelming response and we can’t wait to see what else the songstress has to offer the music world.

For updates on future releases, be sure to follow Jaydream on Twitter and Instagram. She’s a singer you don’t want to miss!

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