Diva Release New Single ‘Amina’

Diva have recently released their brand-new single “Amina” – now available to purchase here!

“Amina” is the perfect blend of flawless vocals and excellent instrumentals. It’s an easy listen-to and the lyrics are so catchy, you’ll feel like you know all the words after just the first listen.

Diva don’t necessarily belong to just one musical genre. They’re a mix between indie rock, pop punk, and bedroom pop. There’s a touch of everything making them suitable for everyone that listens. Summertime may be over, but their music will make you crave for the next.

The band consists of Dante Frame (guitar and vocals), Tyler Gray (bass and backing vocals), and Clayton Garner (drums),¬†and formed only last year. Although they’re new to the scene, you’ll think that they’ve been around for a hell of a lot longer. The way they’ve used their individual talents and merged them together in order to create wonderful tracks like “Amina” is truly incredible.

We’re very excited to see where this band goes. You’ll want to join the band wagon early because this isn’t the last you’ve seen of the trio. Their music that they’re putting out to the world screams ambition and dedication and that’s the best quality you will find in an artist. Be sure to follow Diva on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for further updates.

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