Calum Agnew Releases ‘Crazy’

17-year-old singer-songwriter Calum Agnew has recently dropped his most recent single “Crazy.” It is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms here.

“Crazy” is absolutely stunning track. The piano melody is simply flawless. Pair that with Calum’s insane and unique vocals makes this single perfect. Our predictions is that this is only the beginnings of Calum’s career in music. He has so much potential and has already set the bar high for himself. It’s clear that he’s focussed on his goal and no doubt he will get there.

So who is Calum Agnew? He started gaining an interest in music at a very young age. He wrote his first song at only 9-years-old – which is just extraordinary! This year has seen him step up another level as he has invested in his own equipment and software to take his music even more seriously. “Crazy” was written, recorded, and produced by Calum himself in his bedroom.

One thing that you will notice about him is his determination and the passion he has for his craft. It shines off of him and that alone makes you want to support him. He plans on having a music video out for “Crazy” at the end of September so be sure to follow his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates!

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