Arketta Release New Single, ‘Revolution’

3 piece Alt/Rock band Arketta from Bristol release new music, with a feel-good easy listening track for the summer. With an impressive backlog of positive reviews and an extensive experience of local gigs, we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into the new single. With the perfect blend of instruments and inspiration, Damian, Guillaume and Paolo are happy to release ‘Revolution’. You can stream it here!

The intro has a progressive build that will have you hooked from the start. With the powerful and sometimes aggressive vocals, this is certainly one to add to your playlist. We can imagine listening to this with any emotion – happy, angry, upset. It’s powerful stuff. There’s certainly ‘revolution in the air!’

The lasting and compelling backing track will have you humming for the rest of the day. The drums really come into play when it comes to the ever-changing tempo throughout the song. We hear the track become a bit more gentle towards the end of the song, which fades out perfectly.

That brings us onto the YouTube video that supports the release. We loved this. Over the years, more and more artists choose to post lyric videos to their new releases. The video for ‘Revolution’ sees the lyrics handwritten in a notebook and is timed perfectly. We really enjoy the simplicity of the video. It proves that if you have strong vocals and a good song, you don’t always need an overly edited video to run alongside it. However, we can imagine it took a little while for the recording to match the song!

We thoroughly enjoyed writing this post and having the single on repeat. Listen to ‘Revolution’ now on Spotify and show your support by following Arketta on Facebook.

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