REVIEW: The Coronas New Album ‘True Love Waits’

The Coronas are an Irish band that has been going for an astonishing thirteen years! Their experience sure does show in their new album “True Love Waits.” The album is now available to stream via Spotify!

It begins with “True Love Waits” – the song that inspired the title of the record. This is a beautiful ballad that will resonate with so many listeners. When you hear this first track, you can’t fault it. You’ll be drawn in, instantly craving more.

You won’t be disappointed, as a couple more tracks down you’ll find “Lost in The Thick of It” – another stunning ballad that features the incredible Gabrielle Aplin. Gabrielles’ vocals perfectly compliment The Coronas sound and the whole feel of the album. The track was written in Brighton with the songstress and her partner Alfie Hudson-Taylor. A true masterpiece and an asset to the album! You can watch the music video for this – which was filmed during lockdown – below.

Other songs on the album include “Cold,” “Heat Of The Moment,” “Light Me Up,” and “Haunted,” all of which have been created so wonderfully you won’t know which one to listen to first. “Haunted” was one of two songs written with producer Cormac Butler. It symbolizes a toast to a partnership.

Last year saw the departure of guitarist Dave McPhillips. The Coronas found themselves making the tough decision of either calling it quits, or continuing as a trio. Luckily, they decided to proceed, and “True Love Waits” was the outcome of this. When speaking of the situation, lead singer Danny O’Reilly says;

“In retrospect, the shock of Dave leaving the band helped us get a clearer picture of what we wanted the album to be. When we accepted that we weren’t going to be the same band without him, it was easier to let the songs lead us in ways we wouldn’t have thought of before”

There is not ONE bad song on this album. We’d go as far as to say that this is one of the best albums we have heard in 2020 so far – and that isn’t something we’d say lightly. Make sure you’re showing your love and streaming it as much as you can. Follow The Coronas on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more updates!

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