Live Podcast

Every Thursday evening, Emma and Sophie host a live Podcast via the Stereo App where they talk about all things music! You will need to download the app to be able to listen to live however, this is where you can hear it in case you missed it or don’t have the app. Be sure to give them both a follow here!

About The Noise Live Podcast – Episode 2 – Gig Pet Peeves!

This week, we talked about our biggest concert/festival pet peeves. From the lack of food variety at festivals, to views of the stage getting blocked, even getting tackled to the floor over a band members drumstick!

About The Noise Live Podcast – Episode 1 – Song Challenge!

This week, we take on our own song challenge. We have both come up with music related questions to ask each other, and have turned it into an Instagram Song Challenge that you can take part in over on the About The Noise Instagram!