REVIEW: MASK EP ‘Addiction and Dependency’

MASK is a band for the rock fans. Their EP “Addiction and Dependency” is one that you need to hear. It is now available to stream on Spotify.

The EP starts off strong with “Live In Fear.” We can imagine this track going down extremely well live! Since none of us can attend gigs right now, you’ll just have to annoy your neighbours by playing this full blast in your bedroom. The guitar riffs are absolutely insane. Might be a good idea to dust that air guitar off before listening. “Live In Fear” also comes with a pretty cool music video that was premiered in January. You can take a look at that below:

We then move on to “Mask.” Yes, that is the name of the band, but it’s also the title of this absolute banger. What we liked most about this track was how well the drums and bass complimented each other. You know when you listen to a song loud enough, you can feel it thumping in your chest? Is that not one of the best feelings ever when you listen to music? This is the exact feeling you get when listening to this song.

“Mani” is the third song on the EP and it’s interesting as it’s nearly six minutes long! However, those five minutes and thirty-nine seconds will fly by. Time flies when you’re having fun and you’ll be so immersed in this track, it will be over before you were able to take it all in. Better hit that replay button.

Whilst all of the tracks so far have had us jumping on our feet, “Better Off” has to be the biggest belter. Again, hearing the guitar, bass, and drums come together the way they do is mind-blowing. A proper slap in the face that you would welcome any day.

With the EP coming to an end, MASK are ending it just the way they started. “Sunshine” is truly the perfect way to end “Addiction and Dependency.” It’s a track that draws all the songs together. Each song has their own unique sound, yet blend together so well. It’s for sure an EP you have to listen to if you’re into this genre of music. Or, even give it a go if it’s not. You might surprise yourself.

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