INTERVIEW: Yard Arms Chats About EP ‘Sanctuary Lines’

On the 26th June, Bristol-based band Yard Arms released their most recent EP “Sanctuary Lines.” Their most recent single “These Four Walls” was taken off the EP and was released during the lockdown. You can now listen to both the single and EP on Spotify.

We enjoyed the EP so much that we wanted to help the band spread the word! We got in touch to talk about their most recent releases, and how they have stayed motivated during the lockdown. Here is what they had to say:

Hello! Let’s start by talking about your new EP “Sanctuary Lines.” Truly great EP. What can you tell us about it? How did it come about? 

Glad you like it. It’s our third EP in 18 months and probably the best showcase of what we want Yard Arms to sound like. It’s a reflective record and deals with combating nostalgia in the modern age, we called it our love letter to the anxious.

You released “These Four Walls” during the lockdown. What’s the song about? Where did the inspiration for this track come from? 

It felt wrong to not put it out under the current conditions, however, the track was written a good six months prior to any glimpse of a global pandemic. The original intention delves into the longing for honeymoon periods in life and the struggle to live in the present and improve your current surroundings rather than just bathe in nostalgia. Obviously, if you listen to the lyrics now, it’s impossible to not associate them with the last few months of monotony and fear of being stuck inside. 

How has the lockdown affected you how you work creatively? How have you been keeping motivated? 

To be completely frank, we haven’t been keeping motivated. It’s been difficult to remain positive throughout lockdown because we’re human and we have natural anxieties about the future and dramatic changes to every aspect of our life. I feel it has gone one of two ways for creatives during this period, and for us, the initial three months were not too productive in terms of creating new material. We are on the other side of that and have resumed writing, but everyone needs rest bite at some point to live and undergo new experiences that can inspire. 

The whole EP certainly has a unique and original sound, and we’re loving it! How would you describe your sound to our readers? 

Transatlantic melancholic bops. 

Could you describe your songwriting process for us? 

There’s no pattern of formula for us, we like to be surprised about where and when our inspiration hits us so songs can begin in the practice room, in a dream or on a drive. We like to keep it fresh and find that brings more excitement to the process in general. 

We want to know what you’ve been listening to recently! Can you tell us your top 3 songs on your playlist and why you think others should listen to them? 

Phoxjaw – Teething (Name a better guitar band earworm this side of 2020, I’ll wait.) 

Local Natives [Ft. Sylvan Esso] – Dark Days [Foals Remix] (BBQ sunshine jams pt.1)

Lady Wray – Do It Again (BBQ sunshine jams pt.2, just got introduced to this, don’t know how it passed me by but it’s absolute gold)

Finally, can you tell us any future plans? What are you currently working on? 

Writing, writing, writing, recording, praying to the universe for live shows in 2021.

Massive thanks to Yard Arms for answering our questions! We’ll look forward to seeing what else they have in store in the future. In the meantime, make sure you show your support by following their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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