Shai Brides Release New Single ‘Honeydew’

Birmingham based band Shai Brides have just released their most recent banger “Honeydew.’ You can now go give it a listen over on the bands’ Spotify.

Shai Brides consider themselves as a synth-pop band. That truly is the best way to describe their sound. “Honeydew” has a way of drawing the listener in instantly. The five of them have taken a leap and moved into a new direction from their synth-punk roots. It’s a direction that we’re loving.

When speaking of “Honeydew,” Shai Brides say:

“Honeydew is a song about doubts and nervous love. It’s about new feelings and old insecurities, being eager to accelerate but hesitant to lose control. We wanted to create something that was just as warm and summery as it is cold and autumnal; a veneer of vintage pop pleasantness masking a melancholy depth.”

It’s a track that brings so much life and energy into the listening experience, you’ll subconsciously find yourself going back to it. Shai Brides are also one to watch out for at live performances. They’ve supported the likes of Larkins, Fling, Orchards, and Valeras.

“Honeydew” certainly deserves some recognition so be sure to give it a listen! To show even further support, you can follow the band’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

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