Hive Society Debut Double A-Side Single – ‘The Exchange’ / ‘Warped’

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Towards the beginning of July, Hive Society dropped their double A-Side single “The Exchange/Warped.” Both tracks are the outcome of what the band got up to during isolation.

As many of us lost our motivation during these crazy times, Hive Society used it to their advantage to work on and create two outstanding songs. Although both songs are unique and different in their own way, listening to them back-to-back will put your mind at ease. With it’s chilled out vibes, you will instantly be relaxed from the moment you press play.

“The Exchange” starts off by putting you in a dream-like state. Easy to sway to the soothing sounds. However, it’s one of those songs that picks up and gets even better the further into it you get. The synths that we hear later in the track will get you from swaying to bopping in seconds.

“Warped” is similar in the sense that it will put you into a relaxed state of mind. During these hard times, it’s easy for us all to lose ourselves in dark thoughts. “Warped” will certainly bring you out of this. Whilst ‘The Exchange” makes you think, “Warped” is more upbeat and uplifting. They certainly are a contrast to each other, but blend together so perfectly that it will leave you wanting more.

The band loves performing in front of audiences. They found a place at Glastonbury last year and did a six-date tour back in February. Although they’ve been separated these past few months because of the COVID-19 crisis, this hasn’t stopped them from doing what they do best. This debut single was self-recorded, produced, and mixed under their own record label “Airdriver Records” and it is now available to stream on Spotify

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