Sebastian Releases Debut Album ‘Dance Til We Die’

Sebastian is a funk artist based in Birmingham, whos’ new album see’s 11 brand new tracks inspired by Prince, The Time, Alexander O’Neal, and others from the 80s sound “Minneapolis Sound.’

The album starts with what we find is the most interesting song title, ‘Champagne Freakshow’. Already, you can establish that the entire album has a completely different sound to what you’d find in the charts today. We like that. We certainly agree with the term ‘funky as hell’! This is a catchy number and you are likely to be whistling the backing tune for at least a week. It gives us an ‘acceptable in the 80s’ by Calvin Harris vibe.

Later on in the album, we are introduced to the risqué titled ‘XposeUrself2Me’. This sultry sound still has everything we expected from Sebastian, however, it has a sexy, and quirky feeling also. Sebastian’s’ keyboard skills and hard-hitting lyrics put this up there with one of our favourites from the album!

Soon after, we’ve come across ‘Made 4 Me’. This tune is a bit slower and allows you to focus on the lyrics. We can picture this in the end credits of an 80s rom-com! This one has such a strong chorus. It’s all about the commitment you give to someone in the early stages of finding the one.

‘Love 4 U’ is another favourite of ours. This upbeat number was placed perfectly in the track order. Similar to ‘Made 4 Me’, Sebastian expresses the reasons why the pending relationship is right and natural and reminds us of the new feeling when you meet someone new.

The final track on the album is named ‘Get Wild’. This is the one that made us feel like we don’t have a care in the world, and just want to go crazy. The album certainly finishes on a high with this one – A complete journey from start to finish!

The new album was released on 13 July and is now available on Spotify. You can also head over to to get your hands on a physical copy. You can also show your support by following his Twitter and Instagram.

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