The Borgias Single ‘Nobody Else’ Review

The Borgias has one of the most unique sounds we have ever heard! Their single “Nobody Else” is a good indicator of this. They’re certainly not afraid to think outside the box. You just want to dance around the house to this catchy track all day long!

The band doesn’t really fit into a particular genre. They’re a mix of indie/alt/dance – which is great as there is something for everyone in their music! They came together in 2012 so have a good few years of experience up their sleeves and it sure shows!

The Borgias consists of KaYc Mundee on vocals, Jason Stretton on the keyboard, and Craig Black on guitars. The trio has successfully produced the masterpiece “Nobody Else.” It showcases originality, creativity, and pure talent. It flows perfectly from start to finish making it insanely addictive.

After hearing “Nobody Else,” we’re interested to hear what The Borgias sound is like live. It’s not hard to picture an audience of head bobbing and good vibes. Sounds like the perfect night out! Of course, we won’t be seeing any performances this year due to the current climate however, if you head over to their Facebook page, you will see they have some events planned for 2021.

Although the band has nothing much going on currently, we’re excited to see what else they have to release in the world! “Nobody Else” is available to stream on Spotify now. 

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